Salen and Ulva Church

There is a long history of Christian worship in the area around the community of Salen. Until recently it was the Parish of Salen & Ulva. This is a rural area, with a thriving village. There are 2 schools, one in Salen, and one at Ulva Ferry. If you would like to make a donation the QR code will lead directly to the appropriate fundraising page.

The present Church was opened on July 9th 1899, and has been in continuous use since. It is situated prominently, in the village, on the main road from Craignure to Tobermory.

There have been various changes in the layout of the Church since it was completed, allowing great flexibility of use for both church and community.

In 1990 the congregation made the decision to change the Church into a multi purpose hall, due to financial constraints the old kitchen, guild room and toilet facilities were retained.

Finally in 2009 an extension was opened giving a Minister’s vestry, 2 meeting rooms and modern kitchen and toilet facilities.

As well as holding weekly services, the facilities are used by many community groups. Once access has been gained to the grounds, the complex is accessible to the disabled.

In 1929 the parishes of Salen and Ulva were united. The Church on Ulva is a Telford Church, now owned by the community following the sale of the island. It is still used for spring, harvest and occasional other services.

Services are held at 10.15 on a Sunday morning in Salen, with some time changes for special occasions (please check the diary page). Most Tuesday mornings the Centre is open for coffee from 10.30m till 12 noon.

Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals are by arrangement.


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